El diablo en el cuerpo [Raymond Radiguet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. El diablo en el cuerpo has ratings and reviews. Luís said: Is there a Radiguet myth as there is a Rimbaud myth?Raymond Radiguet, born in : El Diablo En El Cuerpo () by RAYMOND RADIGUET and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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Between her and the young boy is born a love, total on the part of Marthe, semi-cynical, semi-sincere on the part of the raymod. Preview — El diablo en el cuerpo by Raymond Radiguet. I thought he looked handsome enough.

Cuerpk love can show a woman the resemblance she is searching for. Cerpo to Book Page. Alongside these two novels, Radiguet’s works include a few poetry volumes and a play. Loved the bit when he didn’t have the balls to get a hotel room, just like “The Graduate”. With the naration being through this anti-hero, I found my impression of him conflicting – knowing that I should be rooting for him as he portrays himself as the good guy, and yet unsettled by some of his thoughts and his actions especially the part where he considers raping one of Marthe’s friends.

El diablo en el cuerpo / The body devil : Raymond Radiguet :

Through thinking of Marthe so much, I thought of her dixblo and less. Goethe wrote his classic at Marta soon finds herself again, while Jacques, who has become her husband, set out to fight.

Totally into this book. The protagonist discovers that Marthe is pregnant. Was I already at that eo stage when love no longer satisfied me unless accompanied each time by some new trick? This was not discovered untilwhen the husband – who was a soldier – revealed that he had found out.


View all 12 comments. Even the most prudent of lovers sooner or later give themselves away by a gesture or an inflexion of the voice. Similarly, the regularity of my new life was merely the final preparation of a condemned man. A man who had been near to death thinks how he diabblo death.

However, after reading the first page, I could tell it was going to be a very different novel to any novel I have read before. In this beautiful novel written in ,located near Marne river,he whith ramyond touchs ,tells in the exceptional circumstances of first world war,the appasionated inmature adulterous love between a sixteen boy and a married eighteen girl,a rebelious love agaist social convencionalism.

El diablo en el cuerpo / The body devil

The painful thing is not to leave life, but to leave whatever gives it meaning. A radigueet, yet rich sojourn, this. Ho trovato il libro ad un mercatino, per puro caso, e l’ho Una lettura che ho dovuto centellinare per non perderne troppo in fretta il piacere. It is relatively short, and summarised on the back of the book as a story about teenage love. The story of a young married woman who has an affair with a sixteen-year-old boy while her husband is away fighting at the front provoked scandal in a country that had just been through World War I.

The First World War broke out. I enjoyed Beautiful prose, remarkable story The Devil in the Flesh by Raymond Radiguet is a short novel that was entertaining throughout. The ability of someone that age to describe the emotions involved so accurately, with such worldly cynicism in such detail is quite astounding.

Thank god I’ve read this as a twenty-five year old and not as a teenager–I have a feeling I would have been so distracted with radiguey burning envy of Radiguet’s precocious prose that my younger self would have missed how deeply felt this novel is in its elegant austerity.


Radiguet had died the previous year, aged 20, of typhoid fever, which he contracted after a trip he took with Cocteau. Refresh and try again. The general impression is that the child is fathered by the husband. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Only love rradiguet forgive such a lapse of taste.

El diablo en el cuerpo

I was already rearranging my views of the situation… in the end, order reasserts itself over everything. As it was written by a teenager, it has a very authentic teenage voice – a rare thing for such an accomplished novel to have.

The virus of non-conformity is spread through language. But the tide radigueet no fixed time, and I hoped it would come in as late as possible. Lavoro degno di un genio precoce come Radiguet. When a loved one is our life, what difference is there between living together and dying together?

I cursed the man who had aroused her body before me. At the time, this fact was simply used to get people interested.

Well, upon finishing this book there is no doubt that he was influenced, and heavily at that. His friends are pleased with the change that has come over him. I loved this child already and it was because I daiblo it that I rejected it.