Ang Fray Botod ay kathang satiriko ni Graciano Lopez Jaena noong tungkol sa isang paring Espanyol na ginagamit ang relihiyon upang. This friar stereotype later became the symbol of the Spanish regime in the Philippines. The sketches in Fray Botod, told through a dialog between a Filipino and. Fil fray botod. 1. Fray BotodInihanda ni Nikki Reyes; 2. Fray Botod sinulat ni Graciano Lopez Jaena tungkol sa karaniwang prayleng Espanyol.

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Meanwhile, let us leave everything which prolongs it. He was appointed to the San Juan de Dios Hospital as an apprentice. The man doubles up again, a nervous spasm chokes him—groans, moans die out in his throat. What a brute, what a detestable person. Unfortunately, due to financial problems, his parents could not afford to keep him in Manila. Mag-post ng votod Komento.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Graciano Lopez Jaena Foundation, Inc. You are commenting using your Facebook account. If not, the corpse will rot in your house, and you and your whole family will go to jail.

Fray Botod | The Public Realm

In that manner the young buds open up near the heartless, soulless, friar, having the same fate as that of the bayaderas of India.


Under the pretext of educating them in the Christian doctrine, the Catechism, reading, writing and other skills, he takes them from their homes, fooling the unfortunate parents, or even using force. It hurts, sir, enough, sir, enough! Huwebes, Setyembre 25, Friar Botod. The btod examples begin to spread.

The story of friar botod by graciano lopez jaena

He has them in his power because they come from poor families. When the publication office moved from Barcelona to Madrid, the editorship was succeeded to Marcelo H. I do not know for frwy whether he loves politics in order to deliver speeches or he loves literature to be a politician.

Why does this devilish friar have in his power these innocent creatures and why are these angelic-looking girls called little goats? Resano, daughter of a colleague at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol, was declared the champion for her delivery of the poem.

Worse still, combined with a desperate desire to atone for guilt and to placate a deity whom the priests portrayed as vengeful and merciless, religious devotion made people passive to tyranny. Father Marcelino is a scoundrel. Rizal, as the triumvirate of Filipino propagandists.

Boy, open the door for this old man. What do I see? Do you see him now? She kisses his hand. Botod is worse than a hyena. He now enters rfay omnibus to take them for a ride and a picnic. The Indian priests follow the examples of their superiors, the friars.


However he got into trouble for refusing to testify that certain prisoners died of natural causes when it was obvious that they had died at the hands of the mayor of Pototan. She received a cash prize of P5, plus trophy.

fray botod

You are commenting using your WordPress. During this period, his visits with the poor and the common people began to stir feelings about the injustices that were common. Lopez said the contest aimed to instill in the minds of the young people the endeavors of Lopez Jaena.

Sonza, btood mother Mitchelene P. He is a barbarian.

Ah, let us leave these sad ideas, let us go near and see the rascally friar. Shara Abordo-Berte during the awarding ceremony.