Grub4dos utilises two different methods for booting operating systems – both of which can be used via command line or configuration file entries. Both methods. Grub4dos Guide – Introduction. All bit utilities used in the guide have been tested on a Windows XP system, all DOS utilities have been tested with a Windows. Grub4dos Guide – Fundamentals. Understanding the syntax used for devices is essential – refer to previous section Device Allocation/Numbering. When booting .

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The image needs to be in xpm format it can be compressed to. Forum Downloads Tutorials More. The configuration file is automatically loaded if found – to access the command line from a boot guiide press the [c] key. Part 1 is the boot code which does not actually exist as a file and so cannot be easily seen.

It is possible to specify a default boot option by using the default command. Compatibility with other operating systems can not be guaranteed. Both format are supported in grub4dos. It is worth noting that some of the Grub4dks commands e.

guied If Grub4dos code is installed to a partition boot sector then grldr must be present in the booted partition. Entering part of a command followed by the [tab] key will list all possible completions of the command. Grub4dos has a powerful command line interface, which can be scripted via a configuration file.

If using this option, the drive containing the default file must be writable.

Both suffixes are commonly accepted, but the -ise one does look more “British”. To change these colours use the following menu. Make your own splashimage colour background file You can use 7Zip or Gzip to create a compressed 14 colour. Only the standard and highlight colours accept a background colour setting. Even using marker files can result in unwanted behaviour if you had forgotten or didn’t know that the file was on more than one device.


Jaclaz – you’re sacked. To create an encrypted password, boot Grub4dos and press [c] to access a command line interface, then type the command md5crypt – this will prompt you to enter a password and will output the chosen password as an md5 hash see figure 5.

It can be used via a command line interface or menu, and has many features including. Any message must be appended to the title line of the menu entry.

Note that grub4dos consists of two parts as explained previously. But why not post this guide into the grub4dos wiki?

This embedded menu can be changed if you wish. The word ” noobish ” is hard to understand.

The nest is no limit to the depth. It is possible to replace the above text with a user defined entry specific to individual guidr items. With the newer versions of grub4dos included and used by RMPrepUSByou can use bit colour or bit or bit colour images with splashimage. Posted 22 September – The program is downloaded as a floppy disk image, which can be booted using the map command, e.

Tutorial 71 – Grub4dos utilities Wenv, hotkey. Default grub4dis white text on a black background, with current option being black text within a white highlight. You can use a bit value to set both the highlight background colour and the text colour: Unfortunately there is currently a lack of documentation available for Grub4dos – a readme file is included in the grub4dos download package and a useful guide is available from sourceforge. To add a menu. If no configuration file is found during the boot process then the device from which grldr or GRUB.

Grub4dos Guide – Introduction

I’ve forgotten my password. Once a device has been set as root, all further commands will be issued for that device, unless otherwise stated.


The root device will be set as the device from which the configuration file menu. To set a 10 second timeout use following entry – timeout Under Windows 7, I had some trouble with this method and could not get it to work maybe you can! You will also require a program capable of packing and unpacking cpio archives in order to change the background image and other gfxmenu settings.

Always use the latest RMPrepUSB version which will include a recent version of grub4dos or obtain the recommended grub4dos grldr file. This grldr file is copied from the RMPrepUSB application folder to the target drive when you click on the ‘Install grub4dos’ button and after grubd4os.

Grub4dos Guide – Loading/Installing Grub4dos

NOTE – NT based systems must be installed on the first hard disk – attempting to boot from the second hard disk will fail. Posted 03 January – The following has been tested using a Puppy Linux Version 4. Win8 Dual Gruv4dos Win8. If you just want to add a nice background, skip the next bit and jump to the ‘ High Colour and High Resolution Backgrounds ‘ section below.

Grub4dos Guide

Where hd0 is the whole of the first disk, hd1 would be used to boot the MBR of the second hard disk, etc.

Make grub4os high resolution splashimage file 0. All boot options must begin with the command titlegrub4ods should be followed with the text to be displayed in the boot menu e.

Write 3 chars “ons” and an ending null at Write 4 chars “cmdc” at Thanks for the patience.