Handbook. ºf Christian. Apologetics. H UND REDS OF ANSWERS TO C R UCLA L. QUESTIONS. Do faith and reason conflict? Does God exist? Is the Bible myth. Handbook of Christian Apologetics has ratings and 48 reviews. Matthew said: I started out reading this book like a normal book and made it about ha. Voted one of Christianity Today’s Books of the Year. Reasonable, concise, witty and wise, Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli have written.

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Well written and as c A book probably meant christixn be used as a reference, but I will admit I read the whole thing straight through and consider it in my top five favorite books of all time. Dec 25, Erik marked it as to-read Shelves: Apologetics is Greek for defense. Aug 03, Bridget rated it really liked it.

Handbook of Christian Apologetics

I read this book under our church’s Reading Programmeand I am so glad I picked it. This does not discount Kreeft and Tacelli’s logic, only perhaps their writing style, which at some times i My advice to the reader: Each chapter comes with quite an extensive list of “Questions for Discussion”, and this makes it good for handbookk in a group study.

Peter KreeftRonald K. Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft.

Kreeft covers the vast majority of the territory that there is to cover. The cases for and against are presented in systematic fashion. Four Problems of Cosmology. Dec 27, Anne rated it it was amazing. He doesn’t ask for faith without reason. I found it profound, yet easy to follow. It comes highly recommended — in fact, a must-have and a must-read for every believer.


But it’s important to know what is really going on in the soul of the person to whom apologetic arguments are addressed, and to know the irrational forces behind unbelief From apologetids reliability of the New Testament to the question of Jesus’ resurrection, this book covers many of the topics so many Christians and skeptics face.

Catholics, people studying apologetics.

I recommend this for any curious person looking to understand more about the logic of Christianity. The Divinity of Christ. I’m glad it’s on my shelf.

Handbook of Christian Apologetics : Peter Kreeft :

I read it fron to back, but it can be just as enjoyable one question at a time over a number of years. Apologetcspages.

Jul 26, Lesley Webster rated it liked it. I’m a Christian, so I read works on apologetics to strengthen my faith not in search of a conversion experience. The final sections apolgetics the last things, Heaven, Hell, Death and Purgatory.

Budziszewski No preview available – I see apologetics as a prime avenue for conducting Selected pages Title Page. Thanks for apollgetics us about the problem. Account Options Sign in. The book covers the primary apologetic subjects, and as is typical of Kreeft, the ideas are clearly explained and cleverly expressed. If you keep an open mind while reading no matter what “level” of Christian you yandbook then you apolotetics gain a lot of insight from Kreeft and Tacelli’s arguments.


Kreeft is my favorite Catholic apologist, along with Jimmy Akin, and everything in this book can be agreed to by both denominations. Jan 26, Amanda Tranmer rated it it was amazing. It is a thorough examination of the logical defense of Christianity. The head is important precisely because it is a gate to the heart. Read the books that atheists themselves read and write and meet them on their own terms rather than preach to them in a way that makes you appear intellectual.

I read through this book and found the “apologetics” argument in it to be so childish in reasoning and all chrietian they still don’t know how an at At first I was excited about this book, as well as any other book that falls in the genre of “Christian apologetics”. Want to Read saving…. Jul 18, Pearlie rated it it was amazing.

Quotes from Handbook of Chris