Manufacture, Part Number, Description, PDF. Advanced Micro Devices, , Bit Static MOS RAM with I/O Ports and Timer. Intel Corporation, H. PH from Intel Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. D from Intel Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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Figure 3 shows the timing.

Intel 8255

Designers familiar with the Intel or upgrading an The sign flag is set if the result has a negative sign i. The auxiliary or half carry flag is set if a carry-over from bit 3 to bit 4 occurred. A downside compared to similar contemporary designs such as the Z80 is the fact that the buses require demultiplexing; however, address latches in the Intel, and memory chips allow a direct interface, so an along with these chips is almost a complete system.

Intel products are not intended for. In many engineering schools [7] [8] the processor is used in introductory microprocessor courses. Try Findchips PRO for intel pin diagram. The functionality of the is now mostly embedded in larger VLSI processing chips as a sub-function. The CPU is one part of a family of chips developed by Intel, for building a complete system. Intel C orp ora tion assumes no re sponsib ility fo r the use o f any circu itry oth er than c irc u itry em bodied in an Intel.


The following list provides some of the key features on this processor: Later and support was added including ICE in-circuit emulators.

This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat The ‘s outputs are latched to hold the last data written to them. Direct copying is supported itel any two 8-bit registers and between any 8-bit register and a HL-addressed memory cell, using the MOV instruction.

H Datasheet pdf – Bit Static MOS RAM with I/O Ports and Timer – Advanced Micro Devices

Later an external box was made available with two more floppy drives. The is a binary compatible follow up on the Discontinued BCD oriented 4-bit From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

All 2-operand 8-bit arithmetic and logical ALU operations work on the 8-bit accumulator the A register. Lastly, the carry flag is set if a carry-over from bit 7 of the accumulator the MSB occurred. A NOP “no operation” instruction exists, but does not modify any of the registers or flags. Address lines A 1 and A 0 allow to access a data register for each port or a control register, as listed below:.

The ports provide the latching of data andE2PROM possesses Intel ‘s 2-line control architecture to eliminate bus contention in a systemwith such simple control. As an example, consider an input device connected to at port A. The uses approximately 6, transistors. It has a bubble memory option and various programming modules, including EPROM, and Intel and programming modules which are plugged into the side, replacing stand-alone device programmers.


Previous 1 2 This means that data can be input or output on the same eight lines PA0 – PA7. As in thethe contents of the memory address pointed to by HL can be accessed as pseudo register M.

All of these chips were originally available in a pin DIL package. PLCC pin connection diagram was added. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Use, d u p lica tio n or disclosure is sub je ct to re s tric tio n s stated in Daatsheet ‘s softw are license, o r as defined in ASPR The is a conventional von Neumann design based on the Intel Interrupt logic is supported.

Input and Output data are latched.