Because of all the attention this post got i wanted to create a new album with smooth looping gifs. Thanks for the support! Smooth album. Limber 11 is an easy to follow flexibility program created by Joe DeFranco. 11 effective stretching and mobility exercises that you can complete. Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11 (flexibility routine) Be sure to check out the video here: ?v=FSSDLDhbacc 1.

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Place the roller on the floor so that you can lie face down and have it on your left thigh.

Limber 11: The Only Lower-Body Warm-Up You’ll Ever Need!

As with the IT-band roll, stop at any tender points for a few seconds, flexing and extending the left knee. Slowly bring your knees all the way down to one side as you turn your head in the opposite direction.

Roll the foam slowly up and down your inner thigh from the midpoint of your adductor muscle to just above your knee. This boot-camp-style favorite isn’t just good for breaking recruits down into a weeping pile of flesh and sweat.

This old track-and-field favorite marks the start of more dynamic movement patterns that, along with their mobility je, also help elevate heart rate and blood flow. Admittedly, this exercise can be rather uncomfortable, but continue rolling for at least 30 seconds up to two minutes, lingering on any particularly painful spots for a long moment. Once you’re back as far as you can go, hold for a two count, then release by coming back limbber. Bend your elbows and drop down so you’re resting your torso on your forearms.

At this point, you should defrando feel a bit of a stretch in your groin. Lift one knee off the floor and up to the side, keeping your defrabco bent so that your foot is near that same-side glute. Extra cruel Beastie ball. As the ball presses in, breathe deeply. Hold each down position for a two-count. Assume a wide stance with your deframco pointed out about 45 degrees, or essentially a sumo-squat position. Rear-foot-elevated hip-flexor stretch reps hold sec.

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Rock backward under control, pushing your hips straight back as your forearms stay on the floor. Make a fist with your right hand and place it on the floor as well. Like the SMR ball roll, the bent-knee degranco cross can greatly reduce the tension and pressure that exacerbates low-back pain.

Once they touch down, reverse the motion under control and bring them all the way to the other side while you again turn your head.

It helped tens of thousands of people around the world feel better and even improve lower-back pain.

Joe DeFranco Limber 11

Splay your right leg out from your left for balance, with that toe and dsfranco in contact with the floor. Your body should be straight and tight from your head to your heels. You don’t need anything complicated to get started today. That’s a shame, because this hip-mobility drill is extremely effective and relatively straightforward.

Here, DeFranco walks through each of them one by one, explaining the key how-to’s, as well his latest tips and tweaks to get the most out of each. Make sure all movement is taking place at the hip joint, as if you’re drawing a nice tight circle with your kneecap in the air. Swap your foam roller for the lacrosse ball, which allows for more targeted edfranco on trigger points.

Irritation of this muscle can affect the sciatic nerve, causing pain and tingling down through the leg into the foot, so it pays to keep it limber. Lie on your left side with your left hip on the roller.


No more confused wriggling or pointless treadmill plodding. It tends to get tight, and can become inflamed in anyone who puts a lot of mileage and dwfranco on their legs through running, sports, or lower-body lifting. You’ve surely heard of the “high-groin pull.

Mountain climber 10 reps per leg. Deluxe Foam roller the harder the better!

Limber The Only Lower-Body Warm-Up You’ll Ever Need!

Not only that, once pulled, “it’s a pain in the ass to heal,” as DeFranco puts it. Now lower your hips to get into a deep stretch position and bend your elbows, which should be hovering right around knee level. If you’d like, you can carefully pick up the pace throughout the set. Your outstretched, trailing leg will go straight with the heel down and toes pointed up.

It’s perfect if you’re about to engage in some heavy-duty squats or any sporting event that involves stop-start sprinting.

Lean forward and place your right hand on the floor alongside your left foot, then contract your right glute for seconds. Seated piriformis stretch sec. Contact the floor with your palms and hold the stretch ioe a count, then repeat the sequence. Extra cruel Rumble Roller.

Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11 – Free Download PDF

Now, spread your legs out about inches wider than your shoulders and turn your toes so they’re pointed outward. Begin by rolling backward. If you travel a lot like many of my athletes do, you can also get a half foam roller or cut the PVC pipe down and bring that and the ball defrnco you on the road.