Joy o’ Kanji features fun, photo-filled essays to help you learn Joyo kanji, written by Eve Kushner, author of ‘Crazy for Kanji’ and ‘Kanji Curiosity.’. How To Learn the 2,+ Joyo Kanji in 97 Days Kanji is the third of the three pillars of the Japanese writing system (the other two being hiragana and. I already answered a similar question in another thread, so I will post it again here. The answer is quite long, however be sure to read through all of it, as it.

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Archived from the original on 14 February I totally agree with you.

The Jouyou Kanji

I plug each one into my dictionary and put the most kahji terms into a vocab list. The vast majority of what’s used is in the joyo list, purely due to frequency. What difference do they have in meaning?

Since I already knew all the readings for the kanji, memorizing was a snap.

I realize the importance of context, of course, so I try to read and listen to real Japanese as much as possible. None of the questions ask you anything about a single Kanji in Heisig style.

By the way, Mizuumi wrote up jooyo Polish translation of this post here: Damn, how long have you been studying and how long have you been living in Japan?

Some years joto, as a side effect of reading, I now know a nice percentage of Jouyou kanji. I think you do make some valid points. Trying to limit the language tools of a population has never brought any good. The main thing that it did benefit me in was in learning new vocabulary.


None lanji these are jouyou kanji, but I’m pretty sure most natives could read and would know most if not all of these. Due to my limited exposure to Biology in Japanese, I have to admit I have never seen this word before. Retrieved from ” https: I think the indignation comes from how ridiculously bad the list is and the fact that it affects us all who are learning Japanese negatively to some degree. Too smart, in my book.

Depends on whether you’re assuming I’m a native English speaker, which I’m not, but I still see your point. It’s not hard to learn tens of thousands of vocab words and thousands of kanji when you’re learning 3 kanji and 10 vocab a day over a span of many years. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

You have to pick the sentence with the word that uses the same kanji as the question. LearnJapanese subscribe unsubscribereaders users here now New to Japanese? The list burned me personally when I bought my first kanji dictionary. It also was a way to keep my memorizing skills sharp by memorizing random things I would kanij need to know. There are tons and tons of non-jouyous that are common.

The NEW 常用漢字 and why we shouldn’t give a damn

Now I know why the decorative windows in Korean restaurants look so damned Asian. How far did your English classes go to specifically teach vocabulary? That was the first time I even saw a non Joyo Kanji referred to Although I bet that I’ve seen hundreds without knowing and it made me think that non Joyo is some sort of wasteland of thousands of archaic characters.


They should be doing it joho year. Log in or sign up in seconds. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 Japanese-language sources ja All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external links Articles containing Japanese-language text Wikipedia articles with NDL identifiers.

I learned kanji well, at least of them so far through the book by Henshall, which, yes, is based on the jouyou list. Sometimes they won’t even know that it is a loanword. What they are doing is tinkering around the edges to kanki the best of a difficult situation. Isn’t that THE only way to learn the language as a foreigner, unless you literally go to japan knowing nothing and somehow learn everything without absorbing any media.

What kind of crap list were we using all these years? I mean as far as I know about a of the Joyo Kanji are obscure anyways, so I don’t even know.

The Jouyou Kanji

I’m not sure what you mean by “as a foreigner, the only way to lean them is through media”? The point of them is not to teach the language but make sure the important parts of the language for further education are included of parts of the language that are important for cultural reasons and scientific reasons. A great writing, one which I agree very much.

Here are lists list of kanji by frequency in both novels and in Wikipedia listings.