Juche Ideology. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is guided in its activities by the Juche idea authored by President Kim Il Sung. The Juche idea. Juche Ideology was developed by Hwang Jang-yeop, the leading theorist of North Korea who. The Juche ideology emphasizes North Korea’s political, economic, and military self-reliance. It became the state ideology and sole guiding.

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Since then, he has been active in criticizing North Korean politics. You forgot to ask about Syndicalism, National-Bolshevism, and Strasserism too The North Korean government admits that Juche addresses questions previously considered in classical Marxismbut distances itself from and even repudiates aspects of this political philosophy.

Anti-imperialism Anti-revisionism Commanding heights of the economy Communist society Communist state Democratic centralism Dialectical logic Dialectical materialism Economic planning Marxist—Leninist atheism One-party state People’s democracy Popular front Proletarian internationalism Socialist patriotism Socialist state Theory of the productive forces Third Period Vanguardism Partiinost’.

Juche literally means “main body” or “subject;” it has also been translated in North Korean sources as “independent stand” and the “spirit of self-reliance.

Following the death of Kim Jong-Il, the North Korean government officially declared the philosophy of Juche as ” Kimilsungism—Kimjongilism “, with the implication being that the younger had contributed significantly enough to the doctrine that his full name should ldeology smushed into the title as well. They believed in rapid industrialization through labor and in subjecting nature to human will. Lim, Jae-cheon May—June The real expenditures are probably much higher.

The calendar was introduced in Archived PDF from the original on The North Korean government hosted its first international seminar on the Juche Idea in September It became the state ideology and sole guiding principle of the government following the rise of a one-party communist state in the country following World War II.


Patriotism has a civic character, nationalism has an ethnic character. Human rights monitoring organizations and political analysts in several parts of the world continually report that the actual situation in North Korea bears no resemblance to Juche theory. Starting inan ideological innovation known as Songun “military first” was added to the Juche ideology.

This of course caused the opposite of self-reliance to occur; jarring as it may seem from today, North Korea was considered one of the economic “miracles” of the communist world. The idea aims at maintaining an independent and creative standpoint in finding solutions to the problems that may arise from revolution and construction.

Maoism is not nationalist.

Roundtable Summary: North Korea and the Juche Ideology | CDA Institute

Retrieved 13 December The Juche outlook also requires absolute loyalty to the party and leader. What we want is not the perfection of political independence alone. It would also help to define capitalism, socialism, and communism, as they feature prominently. Juche study groups exist in several countries around the world. Like all crazy groups, it has its backers in the Westmany of whom form what are known as Juche ‘study groups’ for examinations of various Juche-related texts, most of them written by the Kims.

For concerns on copyright infringement please see: Since China has promoted investment in North Korea as means of introducing new ideas and setting the stage for wider reform.

Roundtable Summary: North Korea and the Juche Ideology

To make revolution in Korea we must know Korean history and geography as well as the customs of the Korean people. Regardless of which label is applied to it, Juche is a batshit ideology, the application of which has predictably resulted in misery, oppression, and once the artificially favorable trade terms and foreign aid from China and the USSR were cut off deindustrialization and famine in North Korea.

Colonialism, War, and Development. Every paragraph of the preface of the constitution begins with phrases of admiration for Kim, and builds the worship of Kim into the legal system. Kim Jong-il has explained that the doctrine is a component part of Kimilsungism, after its founder and his father, Kim Il-sung. The deification of Kim Il-sung lies at the heart of Juche ideology, which results in practices characteristic of religion. South Korea North Korea.


Leader Biography Books and Articles music. Commentators have often pointed out the discrepancy between the principle of self-sufficiency and North Ideilogy dependence on foreign aid, especially during its economic crisis in jyche s. My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom.

This page was last modified on 20 Octoberat Also, Fascists governments believe a strong military is essential to protect the self-reliance of a nation against imperialist intervention. But of course it the quite the opposite. By Benjamin Elisha Sawe. Armstrong also notes that North Korea has actually transferred the ” filial piety of nationalism in the family of the leader himself” by positioning Kim Il-sung as the universal patriarch.

Indonesian president Sukarno visited North Korea inand attempted to implement the North Korean economic program in his country, but it resulted in failure. Thanks for the answer. University of Hawaii Books. If your name is correct and you yourself are an expert in this field, please describe the nature of your expertise.

The Politics of Regime Survival. Considering Western ideals of individualism, the West has a poor understanding of the unity of mind that Juche seeks to inspire in North Koreans and which, to a very significant measure, it succeeds in accomplishing.

The Holy See is technically a corporation-state after all, so one could argue the Vatican is corporatist to begin with.

The samuwon class consisted of clerks, small traders, bureaucrats, professors and writers.