EDUCATION, INDIAN EDUCATION, KOTHARI COMMISSION REPORT ON INDIAN EDUCATION. Education Commission or Kothari Commission Report entitled- Education and National Development 17members in which 5. The unique features of the Education Commission () were: In its report the commission expressed its firm belief that education is the most powerful.

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The holiest place on the earth is not a Temple or a Church or a Mosque but a School. It was found that, the attitude of College teachers of Cooch Behar district of West Bengal is reporf more favourable nor unfavourable towards Teaching Profession i.

The educational system up to master’s degree was categorized as first primary educationsecond secondary education up to XII and third levels of education higher studies.

The new educational structure should be as follows: This report, in four volumes, was the most comprehensive among other such reports and laid the foundation for the national education pattern. According to the Indian culture a child receives his first physical birth from the parents geport the second birth of the hands of the teacher.

Saruparia, Vikram Singh and S. Kothari, was appointed as the Chairman of the commission. Jesudian, Shalini MogheA. The present study was based on survey method, particularly, the normative survey research method. Balakrishnan secretary worked on the extra repprt ambience and activities of the education. The pre-university courses should be transferred from Universities and added to the secondary schools.


The recommendations of these two commissions could not be succeeded in its full implementations. Naik, Paul Neurath, S. A review like this is still relevant, particularly in the context of making our science, technology and innovation system more productive and socially relevant. However, the execution of these plans expresses the inherent weakness due to which the expected success was not being achieved. Evaluate the recommendations of the Education Commission for improvement kotharri higher education in the country.

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Commissioon commission recommended the establishment of Indian Education Servicealong the lines of Indian Administrative Serviceto bring in professional management to education sector.

The present century has made tremendous advancement in scientific and technical knowledge as a result of explosion of knowledge. Report of the Education Commission, – Vol I: Besides the task forces, the commission had twenty one sub groups assisting the task forces on specific assignments.

It proposed standardization and revision of the pay scales of the teaching, non teaching and administrative staff and prescribed minimum pay levels based on their locations. In this unit, we have covered the following points: It put forward the suggestion that state and national boards of examination be set up and state level evaluation machinery be put in place.

Education has a very extensive role to play in changing the men and society.

The Report of Kothari Commission ().

Task Force on School Education The group worked on the modalities of school education excluding primary education in India. In its report the commission expressed its form belief that education is the most powerful instrument of national development. We have already discussed about the two commissions, i.

The Commission had some unique features, they were – i Not to limit its re;ort to specific sectors or aspects of education, but to have a comprehensive, review of the entire educational system. After going through this unit, you will be able to: Sharma, Commissiin Dutt Singh and S.

Task Force on Techniques and Methods in Education This seventeen member task force was entrusted with the designing of the functional mechanics of the educational system. Head, Dept of Edu.

Athalye later replaced by S. Muralidharan and two men, M. Task Force on Science Education The mandate of the group was to focus on the science education excluding medical education and consisted of D. Task Force on Educational Administration This twelve member group examined the shortcomings on the educational administration and had Prem Kirpal, A. Promoting social and National Integration 3.


Fill in the blanks geport appropriate word. Higher secondary education should be fixed for two years and degree course should be for three years. Radhakrishnan Commission in unit 2which deals with university education and Secondary Education Commission in unit 3, confined to secondary education only.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

The commission made the following recommendations for strengthening social and national integration through education. The report is divided into four sections — Section I: Identify the objectives of the Commission. It interviewed about men and women distinguished in public life, educators, scientists, industrialists and scholars in different fields and others interested in education. The Commission included eminent educationists in diverse fields from India and abroad.

To improve the educational set up the government constituted two commissions after independence. It also proposed that three or four text books commossion be prescribed for each subject and moral and religious education be made a part of the curriculum.

Two languages one modern Indian language and one classical or foreign language Any three subjects from a one additional language, b History commision Economics d Logic e geography f psychology g sociology h art i physics j chemistry k mathematics l biology m geology n home science Art Physical education Work experience Moral studies.

A lower secondary stage of 3 or 2 years of general education or 1 to 3 years of vocational education. A panel of 20 consultants, selected from various parts of the world and deemed experts in education, was constituted for consultative assistance to the commission.

Know the making of the report of Wadiwa and the secretary of the group, Gurbax Singh were the members. Retrieved June 18, A primary stage of 7 to 8 years divided into a lower primary stage of 4 or 5 years and a higher primary stage of 3 or 2 years.